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bodemanntax client instructions for tax year 2020

Thank you for allowing me to assist you with the preparation of your taxes this year. The way we will conduct your tax preparation has changed due to COVID.  Please take a moment to review the following instructions and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  We will be conducting the entire preparation of your taxes virtually.  Contact me if any of the following instructions pose an undue hardship for you.  Btw, you can print these instructions below. 

STARTING THE TAX RETURN-To begin with, all clients must provide an updated page one of the individual tax organizer (available above).  I want to be sure I have your correct information such as email addresses and cell phone numbers.  As in the past, if nothing has changed you can indicate ‘same as last year' on the first line of page one.  Further, you will need to complete the yes/no questions on page two and review and sign page three.  These two pages do not qualify for the ‘same as last year' option. There are two other tax organizers, one for small business and the other for rental properties.  Please complete these as your situation requires and provide them with your paperwork.

Next, please provide me with copies of all your tax documents.  Instead of face-to-face meetings, I will ask you provide them to me in one of four ways-

1-scan into a PDF file and send them to me via email, this should be password protected

2-fax them to me, my secure fax # is 925-461-8585

3-snail-mail or delivery via the Post Office, FedEx, UPS, etc.  

4-drop them in the secure lockbox inside the gate leading to my office.  You can access the lockbox from outside the gate, please text me when you do.

Note-please don't send photos of the aforementioned documents to my phone.  Allow me to emphasis-I will only accept copies of your tax documents as I will be sending you the completed tax return via secure password protected email.  This means I will not have any way of returning your original documents.

COMPLETING THE TAX RETURN-Once I receive your tax documents, I will start your tax return.  I understand you may not give me everything initially and will follow up via email or phone to explain what is needed.  We will do this as often as necessary until we have everything.  Most of you know the stickler I can be when it comes to documents I believe may be missing.  COVID has not changed that.  Once again, I will need you to provide me with copies of your tax documents via one of the four methods listed above.  Once I complete your tax return, we will communicate as needed.  I will then email the tax return in a password protected file and text you the password.  This is but one reason why the current and correct tax organizer information is essential.  

SIGNING THE TAX RETURN-Ok, so now what? Please review the tax return.  Does the non-tax specific information seem correct, details like SSN's, addresses, etc.?  If you discover any discrepancies, let me know immediately.  Next, review the tax return itself.  Does anything appear amiss?  If so, let me know as we can still make changes and/or add items not sent to me.  If you are satisfied with what you see, I will need you to identify the federal and state Form 8879 (one for each) in the file I sent you.  Print these and sign them where indicated, this is your way of signing the tax return (see the example above).  These must be returned to me as I cannot e-file your taxes until I have these signed authorizations.  Scan and email, fax, snail-mail or dropping them in my mailbox are all acceptable means (sound familiar?).  Note-photos of the signed 8879 forms in a text sent to my phone are not acceptable. 

IF YOU OWE TAX-If you owe tax, my suggestion is to pay the federal tax at the IRS website and the state tax at the FTB website.  The IRS has a program called Direct Pay and the FTB has a program called Web Pay.  They have both been in place for many years and are secure.  The best part about this option is you will receive an instantaneous confirmation that your taxes have been paid.  No waiting for your check to clear, which is not always as timely as you'd think, especially now that the USPS is not as timely as pre-COVID.  You can also pay through debiting your checking/savings account.  This is an option I can set up for you through my tax software if you request and you must be sure there are adequate funds in the account on the day the debit is scheduled.  Once your tax return is e-filed, this option cannot be changed or reversed.  Lastly, I will provide you with a payment voucher if you want to snail-mail your payment to the IRS and/or FTB (not recommended).

If you owe and want to begin making estimated tax payments for 2021, let me know as I can provide estimated tax payment coupons for you to use.  Ideally you will make the payments via the IRS Direct Pay and FTB Web Pay option at their websites. If you owe taxes for 2020 and are not able to pay, we can discuss what is commonly known as an ‘installment agreement'.  The IRS and FTB are a bit kinder and gentler considering what many taxpayers have been through the last year, but the last thing you want to do is ignore a balance due.  We can discuss this in more detail as needed.      

IF YOU'RE GETTING A REFUND-If you are getting a refund, Direct Deposit is the safest and quickest way to go.  If you have not provided me with your banking information or it has changed, there is space at the bottom of page one of the tax organizer for you to complete.  The IRS and FTB will still snail-mail you a check if you prefer. 

PLEASE NOTE-Timing is of the essence in every step of this process, so do what you can to comply with the above requirements.  The IRS and all state taxing agencies are quick to charge penalties and interest given an opportunity.  When mailing anything to them, consider using a delivery method which includes (at the very least) tracking so you can monitor the whereabouts of your correspondence and have proof your mailing was timely.  Lastly, be aware my fees are due at the time of filing unless other arrangements have been made.  I urge you to contact me ASAP if this is a concern, as I generally will not e-file your tax return until this step has been settled.  Thank you for helping me help you by following the above instructions. Note that some points are in bold and underlined, I will leave it at that.




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